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Sushi, Roma, Ristorante, giappone, giapponese, roll, sashimi, nigiri
giardino sushi ristorante

Since 2018 we have been trying to convey our passion and our vision of catering.


We are not a traditional sushi bar, and we do not do All You Can Eat menus, we reinterpret Japanese cuisine through our experiences and our taste.


We are the first Sushi Bar in Italy to have adopted a completely vegan parallel menu.

Everything you will see on the menu, in the restaurant, in the delivery represents our path and what we like to do without limits, forcing or preconceptions.


For this reason, we advise you to let yourself be carried away by the flavors and quality of the raw materials without thinking about formalisms and labels. 


Welcome to Mún Sushi Bar



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